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K'Tara's Aerie

A Life in Progress

25 December 1968
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I make no excuses or explanations for my interests.

I am who I am and I defy anyone to tell me otherwise.

80s music, 80s toons, 80s toys, a perfect circle, animals, anne rice, anthro, anthro art, anthropomorphic, apocalyptica, athene, babylon 5, bast, bastet, bisexual, bladerunner, bratz, breast cancer, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, canberra, cats, centaurs, claudia christian, comics, computers, craft, cthulhu, david eddings, david weber, donkey, donkeys, dragons, druids, egypt, fantasy, ferrets, filk, final fantasy, furries, furry, furry conventions, g&s, gaming, genesian theatre, get fuzzy, gilbert & sullivan, gir, greek myths, gryphons, h p lovecraft, harry potter, heather alexander, honor harrington, in nomine, isis, ivanova, jason carter, john cusack, kevin and kell, kevin smith, lemony snicket, leslie fish, lord of the rings, love, marcus cole, mercedes lackey, metallica, murder mysteries, mythology, mzb, needlework, neopets, neverwinter nights, nwn, nwndu, pagan, pbem, pets, pirates, polyamory, quentin tarantino, rangers, religion, renunciates, rhps, rocky horror, rocky horror picture show, role playing, roleplaying, rpg, rpgs, sandman, sci-fi/fantasy books, series of unfortunate events, she-ra, sherlock holmes, sleeping, snarksexual, solitary, something for kate, star wars, susan ivanova, system of a down, tarot, tattoos, taurs, they might be giants, thundercats, tmbg, tom smith, tool, transformation stories, unicorns, vampires, web comics, webcomics, werewolves, wicca, world wildlife fund, world wrestling entertainment, writing, wwe, wwf, xena, zebra, zebras, zoology, zorilla, zorillas